How Did We Get Here?

Akathisa steals lives.  It turns a panoramic window of possibilities into a peep hole through which the world shrinks until you are enveloped in black.

Mary Oliver wrote: “…are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?” For people with akathisia, the answer is always “yes.”

It’s time to stop the “doctor-fix- me.” It’s time to stop looking for the “magic bullet” pill. Stop trying to find the Fountain of Youth, the seven cities of gold, the magic lamp. The machine or supplement for $19.95 you see on television that will cause your weight to “melt off.”


Ask anyone who has accomplished something remarkable, and they will never tell you

“It was easy.” It is not easy. Although I have survived, and continue to survive chronic,

acute drug-induced tardive akathisia, I cannot tell you it’s been easy.

But, I will tell you what anyone else will: it’s worth it. The hard work is worth it. YOU

are worth it.

We are no different now than when we gathered around the snake oil salesman as he

told us tales of the magical health wonders of his useless concoction. The difference? His concoction didn’t kill.

I am responsible for this website, but I had a lot of help. The purpose is simple, and

there is no trick, only truth: akathisia is a drug-induced side effect that stole my life,

steals my life, and steals lives daily. But it can’t take everything from me. And if you

catch it in time, it can’t take any more from you than it already has.

This website is not a magic bullet, nor is it a city of gold, nor do I claim it to be “the

answer.” This site is my contribution to akathisia awareness, so that “akathisia” is a

household word. With 1 in 5 Americans on psychiatric medications, it should be as well-

known as cancer or diabetes.

But I cannot fix you. This website cannot fix you. It can only open doors. It’s your job to

walk through. And yeah; the first thing you’ll see when you step over the threshold? A

huge, steep stairway. But… “are you breathing just a little and calling it a life?”

Then take the first step. Then the next. And it’s not just about you. This is about saving lives in the most literal sense you can imagine.

It’s not going to be easy. But I promise you--it will absolutely be worth it.


-- J.A. Carter-Winward, author, poet, artist


Read her Akathisia Page Here.

Watch the video "How Bad Can Good Be" and read the full description here.

Coming Soon:   in-her-rest-less-ness : poetry and prose

*All proceeds from the book are being donated to non-profit organizations dedicated to

akathisia awareness or other organizations designed to bring awareness to the harms of certain medications.


No one knows a prescription drug’s side effects like the person taking it.
Make your voice heard.

RxISK is a free, independent drug safety website to help you weigh the benefits of any medication against its potential dangers.

Mad in America

A fantastic resource on the insanity of psychiatry. 

Founded in 1986, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and educational organization that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana.

The Withdrawal Project

The Help Hub gives resources and information to give to your healthcare providers or for personal use to help you if you feel psychiatric medications are causing more harm than good.

Akathisia Info

This WordPress blog offers an excellent introduction to akathisia and has valuable information.

Akathisia Alliance

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit raising money for projects to promote awareness, educate medical professionals, and advance research as well as to help members unable to work due to akathisia and the families of those lost to suicide.

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